Total Home Fence & Deck provides a 5-year workmanship warranty on your fence and deck products installed by our installers provided the maintenance guidelines are followed. Total Home Fence & Deck’s warranty far exceeds the industry standard “taillight” warranty and is considered the industry’s best. To extend your warranty past the first year the following needs to occur.

-If Total home fence and Deck installed a wood product it must be stained within the first 9 months of installation. It is our recommendation to use a tinted stain and not just a clear coat. A clear coat will protect against decay from moisture however will not stop from excessive fading from the sun. It is our intention to have the longest lasting product, however the installation will not guarantee that alone. A maintenance schedule will need to be followed.

What is covered?

If you incur any structural damage resulting from the installation, we have you covered. Examples would be. Settling of structural posts, railing getting weak or sagging posts to name a few. Acts of God caused by storm, hail, wind, freezing, excessive heat or rain are not covered under warranty. If you develop cracks that seem structural you may send us a picture so we can help you as best as possible. Wood goes through a dry cycle after installation and causes “checking” which is perfectly normal as the wood is shrinking. It is a normal part of the wood cycle and does not need to be replaced.

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